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August 2019

Summer Term Roundup 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

We are very pleased to present to you our Summer Term Roundup (May to July 2019).

This interactive newsletter celebrates the end of another incredible year at the ENL UTC. From the Outstanding Leader Award and our exam season, to site visits and a kaleidoscope exhibition, 2019 has been an incredible year as we continue to grow and expand. Thank you to everybody for your incredible support so far!

To find out more, please follow the link below. 

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2018/19 has been our most successful academic year yet, and to top it off, our students have been celebrating their impressive GCSE and A Level results as the college continues to excel in providing a specialist STEM education.

Since opening in September 2015 the ENL UTC has gone from strength to strength with this years results surpassing previous year milestones:

  • A Level students’ average grade being at the highest it has ever been
  • Our highest ever Level 2 Engineering results

Benefitting from a hands-on, practical curriculum through high-quality teaching and industry experts, students celebrate their fantastic achievements and the many exciting opportunities they have to look forward to.

Carly Boden, Business Engagement Lead at the ENL UTC says “We are very proud of our students’ successes this academic year. For the third consecutive year we have increased our Level 2 Engineering results, to 76% in Design and 65% in Manufacture. We are looking forward to welcoming a significant number of students back to our sixth form, however students who have left us have progressed to positive destinations including the RAF and apprenticeships at local companies such as Lebus.

All of our Level 3 students have achieved their Engineering qualification and are progressing on to some fantastic destinations, including the University of Hull and the National College for High Speed Rail. Putting destinations at the heart of everything we do ensures that supply industry with young individuals with the right skills needed to be successful in the workplace.”

ENL UTC A Level students who celebrated their results on Thursday 15th August, achieved more grades at Merit and Distinction in the diploma qualification than ever before!

Oliver Beck, sixth form student at the ENL UTC, secured DM (Distinction, Merit) in his Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma. Currently working as a Design Engineer, at a local packaging solutions company Oliver said, “I was really nervous about picking up my results but now I couldn’t be any more excited. Going into my job interview, I was the only interviewee with the relevant software experience and industry knowledge which really impressed my manager. Now, I am looking forward to starting at Sheffield Hallam in September, studying Product Design and Development one day a week to achieve my Level 6!”

“Latest research from University Technical Colleges (UTCs) have found that nearly 1 in 3 students have thought about how specialist subjects will influence their career and more than a fifth of students said they would have benefitted from more contact with local employers whilst in education.

For our year 11 students who picked up their GCSE results on Thursday 22nd August, it was all round smiles with grades showing our continued success and improvement:

  • Grade 4 and 4 passes in GCSE Maths and English are 10% above baseline targets
  • Grade 4 and 4 passes in GCSE Maths and English are 10% above baseline targets
  • GCSE Computer Science results up by 12.5%
  • GCSE Science results up by 12.5%
  • Our highest ever GCSE Geography results
  • GCSE Spanish results up by 40%
  • 100% pass rate in GCSE French and Polish

Tiernan Macdonald, who secured top grades throughout his subjects and is now one step closer to his dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer, said “I feel great about my results! The ENL UTC has helped me to do better than I thought I would and I can now look forward to achieving my Level 3 with the college over the next two years.”

Jake Foulger, who joined the ENL UTC in 2017, has future plans to work in Avionics and commented “I feel great with all of my results! The school has helped to improve my grades and gave me the opportunity to gain my level 2 in engineering early on in life.”

At the ENL UTC , we work to fill the high demand for engineers by equipping our students with everything they need to access tomorrow’s career opportunities. By providing a unique and dynamic environment where culture, employability skills and personal development is at the heart of everything we do, it has helped our students to secure excellent results and destinations.

Marc Doyle, Principal and CEO of the ENL UTC said “Against the odds, the UTC has gone from strength to strength. In danger of closing just over two years ago, with less than 100 students on roll, there was an unerring determination to furnish the local area with skilled professionals. To sit comfortably in 2019 with a Good Ofsted judgement, record Engineering outcomes, 100% of past students in continued employment education and training and a third year where maths and English results are above our stringent national baseline targets, we are delighted to have a school that continues to grow.

In September, we will welcome our first group of Year 9 budding engineers, with a brand new refreshed curriculum involving a variety of industry partners and a school of 230 students. I am confident that we will continue to grow and succeed.”

For more information on how you can kick start your future at the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire, or to apply for a place in year 9, 10 or 12, please use the buttons below. We will also be hosting an Open Evening on Thursday 26th September. Keep an eye out on our website and on social media channels for further details!

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2019 has been a particularly important year for space, as we celebrated 50 years since the first human set foot on the moon in one of the most significant moments of human history and ever since then, our fascination with space exploration and the opportunities available through STEM haven’t dimmed. For Shanen, our year 13 student and resident physics mastermind, her deep interest in all things space and astronomy has cemented her decision to work towards a career in Cosmological Research.

As the ENL UTC, continuously encourages our students to explore as many exciting opportunities as possible, whilst offering them everything that they need for their chosen pathway, it seemed only fitting that we celebrated Shanen’s passion for physics with a trip to Space School at The University of Kent!

The exciting three day residential event runs every year and is perfect for inspiring the next generation of scientists. Involving hands-on astrophysics and space science workshops, it is run by academics, postgraduates and undergraduate students, and provides students with the opportunity to do some observing outside of this world.

To see how Shanen, got on at Space School, carry on reading.

Commencing take off in 3… 2… 1…

Friday 2nd August

  • 1.00pm start with a welcome talk and introduction the the staff
  • Separated into groups for the rest of the weekend, Shanen was part of Team Nebula, alongside of four other students
  • An ice breaker activity where the groups had to create a ‘space capsule’ that would hold the egg and allow the ‘eggstronaut’ to survive a 3m drop. Team Nebulas did and was the only one that bounced!
  • A talk about the Rosetta Mission from a university researcher
  • A talk from a university Physics lecturer regarding the upcoming Lunar Gateway Missions
  • Dinner and a quiz where Team Nebula came second
  • A quick talk about the different telescopes the university uses
  • From 9pm to 11.30pm the students were able to observe the night sky with the local Astronomy club, who brought in telescopes for a variety of observation sections, whilst talking about the campus Beacon Observatory

Saturday 3rd August

  • 8.30am start for breakfast followed by a talk about the different activities the students could expect over the weekend
  • Rocket building! Students were given a five hour period to design, build and simulate their rocket ready for take-off
  • Lunch break
  • Lunar geology session, equipment tour and mission proposal work
  • Dinner break
  • Further rocket building
  • The students were unable to observe this night due to overcast weather, so instead they were able to experiment with freezing various items in liquid nitrogen
  • A quiz before lights out

Sunday 4th August

  • 8.30am start followed by a ‘Lunar Rover’ Lego coding activity
  • Each team finished off their mission proposals and rocket
  • A special 20th Space School anniversary lunch
  • Official rocket launching. Each team launched their rockets but unfortunately Team Nebula’s ‘eggstronaut’ did not make it due to the lack of shock absorption
  • Mission Proposal presentations
  • An award ceremony that saw Team Nebula win! As a prize they each received a book called What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. Each student also received certificates and a 20th anniversary Space School pin badge

The University of Kent Space School, is now in its twentieth year, and is an annual staple in the School of Physical Sciences’ calendar. It is the perfect experience for any young individuals with an interest in anything Space. We are so glad that Shanen, had a great time and are so proud to be part of her exciting journey into her future career.

For further details of Space School, or to find out more about how the ENL UTC can help you to access tomorrow’s career opportunities, please follow the links below.