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November 2019

Dylan - ROK Superfinal

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At the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire, relationships matter. From celebrating regularly and praising positive behaviours, to encouraging skills and supporting each other, it’s what makes us professional, responsible and loyal and helps to prepare our young people for their futures.

Supporting student’s skills and interest’s means that we love hearing what they get up to outside of school and how they apply their knowledge into real world scenarios. For year 10 student Dylan, it’s his love of karting that inspires his passion for engineering.

Racing since the age of eight, Dylan has regularly competed in the British Karting Championships and worked hard to progress. After taking a year out, Dylan and his family put together a package to help him get back onto the circuit and through his hard work, determination and focus, came in 2nd place at the British ROK Championship, progressing onto the ROK Cup Superfinal, in Italy!

Not only do Dylan and his family commit time and money into competing but they also continuously develop their engineering skills to help fix and update their Go Kart, to ensure the best possible performance. Dylan’s dad has said

“Through this I have seen his passion for engineering grow. He loves to get his hands dirty and is always looking to understand not only his engine but also the setup of the go kart to maximise his chances of winning. One thing I said to Dylan before we went to the world final is that out of all the 500 competitors I bet that there is only one that has built his own engine and understands it, and that is something to be proud of whatever the result was going to be.”

What is the ROK Cup Superfinal?

It is a chance for all Rokker drivers from around the world to compete in a series of racing events across a week, assigning the title of the ROK absolute champions. This year the ROK Superfinal, saw 419 drives, 7 categories, 5 continents and 49 countries represent! You can find out more about the event by clicking on the button below.

During his time in Italy, Dylan placed in 7th position during the pre-qualifying practice and went from 36th to 14th in just one race! Extremely impressive to say that he experienced an accident in one race and a broken fuel pipe in another. Perfectly showcasing Dylan’s, capability and determination to be able to compete at world level.

We are so proud to hear of Dylan’s passion for karting and to be playing a small role in helping to develop his skill set further. It goes to show how far you can go with the right STEM skills!

“I am very grateful for the fact that Dylan attending the UTC has brought out a young man that is now more focused and who loves going to school to learn about different engineering techniques. The concept of the school has ignited a passion in Dylan which I hope can develop him going forward to one day make a very good engineer.”

We look forward to supporting Dylan’s career and helping him to progress even further through our extensive and exciting curriculum. If you are a local business wanting to help support and sponsor a young individual racing on the world stage, please contact us by following the link below.

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We are very pleased to present to you our Autumn Term Roundup (September to October 2019).

This interactive newsletter celebrates the start of another incredible year here at the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire. From a Raising Aspirations Day and exploring space, to school trips and our first open event of the year, we have got off to a great start this year.

With this being our first with a year 9 cohort and with student numbers continuing to grow we are looking forward to what the rest of this year will bring.

To find out more, please follow the link below.