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September 2021

Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire “first school to visit Parliament” in the UK 2> By | Employer Partners, Latest news | No Comments

(Monday 13th September) According to the Parliamentary Tours Office, Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire became the first school in the UK to visit Parliament since it reopened for tours.


11 Students from Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire, accompanied by 3 teaching staff left Scunthorpe at 5:30 am today to make their 9 am tour in London via train.


The group were personally greeted by Holly Mumby-Croft, MP for Scunthorpe, who joined them for a comprehensive guided tour on the history and workings of the Houses of Parliament, led by the Parliamentary Tours Office.


During the tour, the group visited key locations in Parliament including St Stephens Hall, the Central Lobby, the House of Commons Chamber, the House of Lords Chamber, and the Royal Gallery. Following the tour, the students enjoyed a group discussion with Holly Mumby-Croft MP about her work in Parliament.


Speaking after the tour, Anesta McCullagh, Head of Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire said:


“We’re very excited to be the first school to visit Parliament since it reopened for visits. At Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire we aim to give our students the opportunity to develop their interests.”


“It’s such a great opportunity for our students and we’d like to thank Holly Mumby-Croft for this opportunity, and for being a supporter of our work at Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire.”


Commenting on the visit, Holly Mumby-Croft MP said: 


“I’m delighted that one of our fantastic local schools was the very first to visit the reopened parliament. I was chuffed and proud to welcome our talented young people from North Lincs.”


The MP also revealed that this was, in fact, her first time participating in a guided tour in Parliament:


“Growing up in North Lincolnshire I never actually had the opportunity to visit Parliament until I was elected. It means so much to me that I’m able to facilitate this visit, and I’d love for more of our young people to have this opportunity in the future.”


Speaking after the tour, Kelsey, a year 11 Engineering student said:


“The tour today was very interesting, we were able to learn about what happens behind the scenes and how new laws come into place. It’s great that we were able to hear from our tour guide firsthand, and it’s a great experience to be the first school to receive a tour in Parliament.” 


The group went on to visit different locations in London, including St James Park, Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum.


Residents interested in a tour in Parliament can book a free “Democratic Access Tour” and should visit the UK Parliament Website for more information.

Tronox Visits ENLUTC 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

A new year brings the UTC new students and with new students, ENL UTC will see new and exciting opportunities! This year tutor groups at ENL UTC have been split into 3 groups named after 3 of their core partners. ENL UTC’s core partners are made up by Phillips 66, ABP, Care Plus Group, University of Hull, Orsted and last but not least, Tronox.


Tronox was the first of 3 tutor groups to meet with the core partner that inspired their new group. Students from ENL UTC’s near year 9 cohort met with Mark Setterfield and Becky Kirvan-Rodgers and had opportunity to attend a Q&A as well as demonstrate some of the new skills they are acquiring which could one day help them on their way to a career with one of the core partners.


The questions and answers session saw students discuss everything surrounding Tronox including what it’s like to work there, what kind of pathway they can take into employment with them (including what pensions look like!) and not only what has inspired Tronox in the past but what their long-term goals are too! Mark Setterfield was able to explain all about his career with Tronox across the UK and Europe looking after their Learning & Development whilst Becky Kirvan-Rodgers gave the students a real insight into what the Tronox brand means and what they stand for as a company.


Mark, Becky and the students then headed down to the official Tronox workshop situated within ENL UTC where they were able to show Mark and Becky what they have been learning in their first few days studying here. The Tronox room is fully kitted out with work benches, lathes, pillar drills and much more whilst being appropriately decorated for its newly acquired title of the Tronox Workshop. Looking around the room Tronox branding can be seen throughout with informative posters, displays, the Tronox green walls and their logo proudly sitting on the workshop door.


Principal Anesta McCullagh said;


“Tronox have been a core partner with ENL UTC for many years and throughout that time they have offered valuable time and experience to the students. ENL UTC offers a rich employer-led curriculum which needs input from partners across the region to provide real world insight for the students on their journey throughout their academic studies to sustainable careers. ENL UTC is immensely excited to be able to finally launch the Tronox Workshop and looks forward to many more years of working together and building relationships.”

Interested in joining ENL UTC to gain access to the same amazing opportunities and employer engagement? Applications are now open for 2022! Click here to apply.