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Welcome to our final Half Term Roundup of the 2019/2020 academic year. 

Despite the last few months being a new and unusual time for us all, it has not stopped our amazing team from continuing to build strong, positive relationships through a virtual world of online learning. Alongside of this we also started to welcome students back into our classrooms whilst embracing vital employer engagement.

Read our interactive Half Term Roundup below to find out more about what we have been up to during our summer term. 

Chemical Engineering Careers Talk

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Are you interested in a career in Chemical Engineering or would like to find out more? At the start of July the ENL UTC and IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers), teamed up for a virtual careers talk to discuss more about the opportunities available in Chemical Engineering.

Daniela, Sajalu and Thomas, engineering experts from across industry, spoke with our students to discuss:

  • Why Chemical Engineering?
  • What do Chemical Engineers do?
  • Routes into this career
  • Benefits of Chemical Engineering
  • Mentoring opportunities and help with stepping into a new role

IChemE is a global professional membership organisation that provide connections to a network community of Chemical, Biochemical and Process Engineers who exchange knowledge, practical experiences, promote competence and commitment and support CPD.

Discovering more about how to keep ourselves safe online was incredibly useful, not just for our students but for our parents and staff too. To find out more, please follow the link below.

Staying Safe Online Cyber Crime

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On Wednesday 17th June a number of our new year 9 students had a Zoom call with Alistair Kennedy from Humberside Police and Emma Davies from The Armour Group, to discuss cyber security and how to keep safe online.

Alistair who works within the Cyber Crime Investigation Team, and Emma who works as an Ethical Hacker, discussed a variety of topics surrounding cyber security including:

  • How to keep yourself safe online
  • What to look out for
  • How hackers work
  • The dark web
  • Career opportunities available within cyber security
  • Websites for further advice and help

Discovering more about how to keep ourselves safe online was incredibly useful, not just for our students but for our parents and staff too. To find out more, please follow the link below.

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During the period of school closure, the ENL UTC are running a number of challenges for our students to get involved in. These STEM-based challenges, sponsored by our wonderful industry partner Phillips 66, allow our students to be creative whilst keeping them inspired and motivated.

Our first challenge asked our students to construct/make something during this time to showcase their skillset and engineering knowledge. Whether it be fixing something around the house for the family, constructing something they had always wanted to build or experimenting with a new idea: there is no better time to put our STEM skills to the test!

To take part, students were asked to send in a photo of their creation along with a brief description. We received some incredible entries and are so proud of what our students have achieved whilst at home.

Well done to everybody who took part! Prizes will be announced shortly.

Ryan E - STEM Lockdown Entry

1st Place = Ryan E

Year 9 student Ryan, sent in a fantastic entry showcasing the work he identified and completed on his race kart.

Replacing the broken rear bumper, removing old tyres and cleaning the carburettor whilst using a variety of engineering techniques and tools means his kart is now ready for the next practise season.

Aiden H STEM Lockdown Entry

2nd Place = Aiden H

Year 11 student Aiden, has been using in time in lockdown to help build and construct garden furniture.

Building both a custom garden corner sofa along with a door canopy, Aiden used a variety of techniques and really put his STEM skills to the test.

Sonny M STEM Lockdown Entry

3rd Place = Sonny M

One of our new year 9 students Sonny, even got involved in the challenge by sending in a fantastic video of a coil unwinding machine.

Along with other projects Sonny has worked on at home, his coil unwinding machine was made from repurposed materials. Using an old cordless drill and a 9-volt battery, Sonny was able to unwind the coil ready for a future project. You can see more of his brilliant creations on his YouTube channel!

Runners Up = Nathan G, Thomas C and Isabella M

As we received so many fantastic entries, it was hard to whittle it down to just three!

    • Nathan G- One of our year 10 students spent his Easter break making bird boxes for his family. Using a hand saw, circular saw, hand drill and drill piece to create the wooden boxes, it is great to see Nathan taking his engineering skills and knowledge outside of our workshops.
    • Thomas C- One of our year 9 students has been very busy during lockdown, making wooden decorative pieces and a 6ft fence for his home! A great way to put his design skills to the test.
    • Isabella M- One of our current year 11 students has created her very own gameboy at home! Having researched into how to make her own handheld games console, Isabella was able to order components online before soldering them onto a circuit.
Meet our Alumni - Oliver

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Meet Oliver, who after leaving the ENL UTC sixth form in summer 2019 has gone on to secure a Trainee Designer Engineer role with Trepko, whilst studying towards a level 4 degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam;

“I started at the ENL UTC in September 2017 and left in Summer 2019 after completing my post-16 studies. I originally joined the ENL UTC because I knew I wanted a career in engineering but had no idea of what area and pathway to pursue. For me, coming to the UTC’s sixth form helped to broaden my knowledge about different aspects of engineering whilst figuring out the kind of engineer I wanted to be.”

How did the ENL UTC help to prepare you for your current job role?

“My knowledge of CAD and design leaving the ENL UTC, really helped to give me a head start when I first joined Trepko, as I was one of the only applicants who had this level of experience. I think the sixth form studies and teachers really taught me a lot and helped me to move forward in a career I wanted, as I had the confidence that no one else wanted it more than me.”

What are you favourite memories of the ENL UTC?

“Two of my engineering teachers Ian and Rob, ultimately inspired me to want to become a design engineer. Those two were fantastic combination for me. I remember my first lesson with Ian, I was immediately captivated with everything design and knew I was going to be great at it!”

What is your full job title?

“My full job title is Trainee Design Engineer with Trepko. I am based in the design office where I work on numerous projects for large food companies that require packaging. My Level 4 degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam, allows me to have a hands-on way of gaining a university qualification whilst further developing my skills.”

“My advice would be that if you’re wanting a career in engineering, you’re willing to work for it and have both the people and academic skills, then there is literally no other choice but to study at the ENL UTC!”

Mar/Apr Roundup Header

Mar/Apr 20 Roundup 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

Welcome to our March and April Half Term Roundup, taking a look at our spring term and life at the ENL UTC. 

Whilst many conversations and news bulletins may feel overwhelmed with news of Covid-19, our interactive newsletter has been designed to highlight the positive stories, projects, trips and work here at the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire. From supporting key workers and the WiME event, to mental health champions and our awards assembly.

To read our roundup, please follow the link below. 

North Lincolnshire Council

Partner Profile | North Lincolnshire Council 2> By | Employer Partners | No Comments

Keeping people safe well, prosperous and connected.

The council is responsible for providing a wide range of public services to the people of our county. Our councillors are elected democratically by the people of North Lincolnshire. They are active at the heart of their local communities, listening to your concerns and responding to the needs of the public, to deal with the issues that are important to you where you live. North Lincolnshire Council, also act as a champion and spokesperson for its people.

We are proud to partner with North Lincolnshire Council, to help fulfill the regions STEM skills gap by encouraging our young people to thrive and succeed within industry.

What is North Lincolnshire Council?

Visit their official website to find out more.

Partner Profile | UK STEM 2> By | Employer Partners | No Comments

UK Stem, offers a comprehensive service to support the use of Crumble software hardware, for children of all ages. Working closely with the Crumble developers since the software was created, UK STEM has ran over 50 teacher training courses and delivered hundreds of hours of activities within schools.

Crumble, is a small circuit board that can be programmed using a computer and is heavily inspired by the drag-and-drop programming language, Scratch. The board encourages our young people to explore, create and evaluate a range of solutions. It also expands on their coding, computing and electronics knowledge to embed intelligence in products.

We are proud to partner with UK STEM, to bring our students exciting STEM activities that further advance their knowledge and skills.

“We are delighted that the ENL UTC is taking a proactive role in developing its STEM ethos so all students can apply their learning to real world contexts and understand what their careers in the future will look like.”

Discover more about UK STEM.

Follow the buttons below to find out more about UK STEM, and how they have brought together a wide range of expertise into STEM innovation.

Partner Profile | ABP Humber 2> By | Employer Partners | No Comments

ABP is the UK’s leading and best-connected port owner and operator. With a network of 21 ports around Britain, ABP offer unparalleled marine, road and rail access to domestic and international markets.

ABP Humber, consists of the ports of Immingham, Hull, Grimsby and Goole. They support over 33,000 jobs, handle more than 65 million tonnes of cargo and deal £75 billion of trade every year! Their continued investment in infrastructure, equipment and systems, ensures the ports are capable of delivering the supply chain solutions customers need.

ABP Humber, offer an exciting four year apprenticeship scheme that is split by the disciplines of electrical and mechanical. The apprenticeship sees candidates based at the Port of Immingham and Hull, where they have the opportunity to work closely with industry experts gaining first-hand experience of impressive infrastructures and giant sized kit including cranes, forklifts and tugs. From school leavers, to graduates and mature learners who have the determination to succeed in a new and exciting career. ABP offer nationally recognised qualifications and breadth of experience to help individuals realise their potential.

Working in close partnership with the ENL UTC, our students are able to explore real-world engineering problems alongside industry experts whilst discovering opportunities available within this exciting industry.

“ABP is partnered with the Engineering University Technical College (UTC) based in Scunthorpe which has many students who are keen to pursue a career in engineering, some of whom ABP supports through one-to-one mentoring.

  • Web address:
  • Location: ABP have 21 ports across the Britain. ABP Humber, consists of four ports in Immingham, Grimsby, Hull and Goole
  • Example Jobs: Electrical Engineer and Mechanical Engineer
  • Examples of Engagement & Activity:
    • Student mentor programme, to allow our students the opportunity to learn directly from the experts
    • Specialised projects delivered directly to our students
    • Attendance to ENL UTC events to discuss future career opportunities, including Raising Aspirations Day
    • Business breakfast, allowing our students to further develop their employability skills through interaction with industry
    • Employer talks regarding the roles available within the organisation
    • Onsite visits to discover more about life in industry

Want the opportunity to train with the UK’s leading ports operator?

Follow the button below to find out more about ABP and to watch their company video.