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Spring Term 1 and 2 Roundup 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

We are very pleased to present to you our roundup from Spring term 1 and 2, (January to April 2019).

This interactive newsletter provides you with an exciting overview and insight into a typical half term at the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire.

From our impressive summer results and open events, to several successful challenges and discussing politics, 2019 has got off to a great start. We’re looking forward to ending this academic year the same way we started it, on a high note!

To find out more, please follow the link below! 

Apprenticeships and Work Experience – Phillips 66 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

It’s not just National Apprenticeship Week, where we can discuss the fantastic opportunities our industry partners have to offer. Phillips 66 Humber Refinery, is located within North Lincolnshire and is one of the most complex refineries in the Phillips 66 portfolio. Producing around 14 million litres of petrol every year, processing some 221,000 barrels of oil a day and employing around 1,100 onsite workers, they offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to enter the engineering and technology industries.

What are your thoughts on apprenticeships for individuals?

Apprenticeships schemes are a gateway for young individuals and present a great vocational career path for those who possess a mix of practical and theoretical skills. Due to the recent introduction of the new apprentice standards, apprenticeships are now more widely available in more diverse career paths. For those individuals not wishing to remain in full-time formal education, apprenticeships offer a first step into the work place through a robust training curriculum, providing them with tangible, transferable skills. These skills will form the foundation for a multitude of potential careers.

What apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

At Phillips 66 we offer apprenticeships in a variety of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping and welding. Each year our apprenticeship vacancies and application process are advertised through HETA.

We also offer limited work experience places, available for those interested in apprenticeships, year 11 upwards. Applications for our work experience are accepted all year-round and takes place in April, prior to apprenticeship on site interviews. It is a great opportunity to experience more about the industry, and your future career options.

What skills do you look for when recruiting?

We are always looking for highly self-motivated, enthusiastic and engaged individuals who have a passion for engineering and technology. Ideally they should possess a background which demonstrates a genuine interest in the chosen craft discipline.

To find out more about Phillips 66, the exciting opportunities they have to offer and their work with the ENL UTC students, follow the links below!

The Royal Navy Engineering Challenge 2019 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

On Wednesday 27th March, four of our students; Rhys, Brandon, Joshua and Harry, gathered at HM Sultan, Gosport to compete in The Royal Navy Engineering Challenge.

Held in partnership with Eaton Ltd, Babcock and BAE Systems, this year’s challenge named Exercise Downbird Recovery, is aimed to inspire young people to engage further with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). These subjects helped to assist the students to design and build two remote-controlled vehicles; a land-based recovery vehicle capable of carrying a stranded helicopter and a ship that can transport it to safety.

In total, over 70 teams competed in this year’s challenge with many of the teams, including our own, enjoying the unique opportunity to experience 24 hours of naval life on board HMS Bristol! Able to roam the boat until lights out at 10:30pm, it gave our students a real insight into what The Royal Navy can offer.

After starting the day with a 5:30am wake up call, and noticing some minor issues with one of the designs, their first run got off to a less-than-ideal start as their land based recovery vehicle decided to take a swim. Yet despite this, our team powered through and spent the next four hours stripping the vehicle to repair the issues and to perfect the crane ready for the second run, which they completed in under 5 minutes and 30 seconds!

Leading up to the Challenge, the ENL UTC team dedicated many hours of their own personal time towards this project, and we are so proud to announce that due to their hard work, commitment and outstanding team work, the ENL UTC came in 3rd place within the 13-17 category, with a special mention from the judges for the greatest improvement across the day!

A massive well done to Harry, Brandon, Rhys and Joshua, and to all other teams who competed!

The Navy’s head of training, Commodore Andy Cree, commented on the overall Challenge saying “This realistic challenge presents young people with a rare opportunity to put their STEM studies into practice in a complex physical environment. The students will learn teamwork and systems thinking, which will serve them well wherever their careers take them.”

Formula 24 Greenpower, Blyton Test Race 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

On Saturday 9th March 2019, five of our year 10 students attended their first practice session of the year at Blyton race track, with their Formula 24 GreenPower electric car.

The students have been introduced to the project by Greenpower Education Trust, to help further unlock their potential in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through the excitement of motorsport. This unique challenge sees our team designing, building and racing an electric car against a multitude of other teams throughout the academic year.

Students, Declan, Jayden, Leigh-J, Harry and Kian, have been extremely committed to the project from the offset, each one being responsible for a certain area of the design and build in the time leading up to the practice session, even pulling in expert advice from industry partners such as Phillips 66 and STEM Ambassadors to perfect their skills during the build. Even on the day when faced with bad weather including rain and snow, the team powered on and behaved faultlessly throughout!

40+ teams competed on the day, most being experienced in the annual race, but we are very proud to announce that Team ENL UTC came in the mid 20’s overall! A massive achievement that can help the students to build on their design over the upcoming weeks and months.

Well done again to our wonderful students; Declan, Jayden, Leigh-J, Harry and Kian, for all of their hard work and also to our staff members; Luke, Rob, Claire and James for putting in the time to ensure the project was a success.

We can’t wait for the next race!

Photo credit;

  • Helen Olden / Spacesuit Media
  • Adam Pigott / Spacesuit Media

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  • Twitter – @spacesuit_media
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NAW 2019 – Cristal 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry partner Cristal, discuss their long standing apprenticeship programme and how they inspire young individuals to have a successful start in engineering.

Do you believe that apprenticeships are beneficial for young individuals?

Apprenticeships are an amazing way for young people to learn the theory side of the trade whilst also receiving valuable hands on experience. Development of the hands on skills is crucial and can’t be underestimated. Skilled tradesmen have the knowledge and ability to adapt and overcome any scenario and completing an apprenticeship provides those experiences and a solid starting base for a successful career in engineering!

What apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

At Cristal we are immensely proud of the legacy of our long standing apprenticeship programme, which we can trace back over 60 years. We have some senior leaders who started their careers as an apprentice with the company and with training and development have successfully progressed through the business into a senior position. None more notably than the current Stallingborough Site General Manager Gavin Jones who started his journey as a mechanical apprentice 25 years ago.

Cristal currently offer apprenticeships in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Process Operations, Laboratory Technician and we currently have our first IT apprentice. Each year we take on 2 apprentices per discipline with applications now open through HETA for our Sept 19 program.

What skills do you look for when recruiting?

We look for focused and driven individuals who are passionate about the trade they have chosen. In reality they don’t have to be the most academically gifted person, the key element is what they are like as a person. Working at Cristal is like an extended family so we are looking for people who match our values and beliefs and can enhance the team. As long as they show a great attitude for learning we can teach them everything else during their apprenticeship.

The ENL UTC and Cristal have a strong partnership in helping to create the next generation of engineers. How would you describe the work that we do together?

Cristal has been linked with ENL UTC form the start. Since then the working relationship has grown from strength to strength with the highlight so far seeing Matthew Boden who is the first UTC student to be awarded an apprenticeship with us. At Cristal we are passionate about our partnership with the UTC and the invaluable opportunities we can provide to the students and staff to industry. Also as part of the UTC Scholarship Program we have committed to providing 6 guaranteed apprenticeship interviews exclusively to UTC students, a great opportunity which is only possible through our partnership with the UTC.

To find out more about the opportunities available at Cristal, please follow the link below.

NAW 2019 – ABP Humber 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry ABP Humber, has provided an insight into the exciting opportunities available with the UK’s leading ports operator.

“Without a doubt, apprentices are our future in an area where the age profile is on the wrong side.”

What type of apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

ABP Humber, support around 33,000 jobs and together handle more than 65 million tonnes of cargo, so there are plenty of exciting opportunities available within the company!

Our four year apprenticeship is split by the disciplines of electrical and mechanical. The apprenticeship scheme sees candidates based at the Port of Immingham and Hull where they will have the opportunity to work closely with industry experts to work on impressive infrastructures and giant sized kit including cranes, forklifts and tugs.

To find out more information regarding the scheme or to register your CV and interest in an apprenticeship with ABP, follow the links below!

NAW 2019 – RAF 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we have spoken to the RAF to discuss what their apprenticeships can offer within a unique and challenging career.

What type of apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

There are plenty of apprenticeships to choose from in the RAF, with the right one all depending on your passion, skills and future career ambitions. Joining the RAF, whether in a full time position or as an apprentice, comes with plenty of benefits including;

  • Free gym
  • Subsidised food
  • Health care
  • World travel
  • Training

Apprentices in the RAF

An apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force offers you the chance to gain a UK-recognised trade qualification as part of a challenging and unique career. Not only will you can a professional qualification that’s recognised in the civilian world, you’ll also have a guaranteed job in your chosen field once you’ve completed it. You’ll receive the very best training and as well as getting paid to learn, you’ll get the chance to travel the world, play sport and perform and important role in the RAF.

Engineering in the RAF

Engineers in the RAF are essential for the success of each mission. They help look after and fix all the aircraft communications network and high-tech equipment required to support operations in the air, making sure aircrafts like the Typhoon are ready to fly at a moment’s notice in case of need. This means you could be working on: Aircraft Maintenance, Information Technology Systems, Data Networks, Ground Support Vehicles, Weapons Technology or Survival Equipment.

Interested? To find out more about a career within the RAF, follow the links below.

NAW 2019 – Orsted 2> By | Latest news | One Comment

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry partner Orsted talk about attracting new talent and what they look for in a future apprentice.

What are your thoughts on apprenticeships? 

Securing a workforce for the future is important to us and we need to attract new talent and the brightest mind into our business to achieve our ambition to run a world that runs entirely on green energy.”

What type of apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

We develop, construct and operate offshore wind farms and are a global leader in the offshore industry, so our apprenticeship programme is a mix of classroom based learning and practical on site and offshore experience that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge they need for their future career as wind turbine technicians. The apprenticeship programme is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get a foothold in a new, exciting industry.

The wind turbine technician apprenticeship scheme is currently in its second year and there are six apprentices based out of the Orsted Grimsby office. The apprentices are classroom based for their first year as they work towards their ‘Maintenance and Engineering Technician (MOET)’ Level 3 BTEC in engineering qualification. Whilst apprentices spend their second year onsite/offshore with some classroom based learning and their third year fully embedded in the teams going offshore operating and maintaining wind turbines.

What do you look for in future applicants?

We look for individuals who have;

    • A good technical understanding and ability to handle problem-solving and fault-finding
    • A passion for manual dexterity work
    • A mature attitude to safety
    • Good communication skills
    • Ability to use IT equipment
    • A positive and pro-active attitude
    • High attention to detail
    • 3 x GCSE grades A-C including English, Maths and Science

So if you have a passion for green energy and want to find out more information regarding the exciting opportunities available, follow the link below.

NAW 2019 – British Steel 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry partner British Steel have talked about how apprenticeships can help young individuals to gain direct access into their dream engineering career.

What are your thoughts on apprenticeships? 

Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to learn skills about engineering whilst getting the benefits of working as well. They are a good way for young people to get into engineering careers as they give them a good grounding.

By working closely and partnering with the ENL UTC all year round, we are helping to generate the engineers of the future by equipping them with all of the industry skills and knowledge they need for the next stage in their lives.

Does British Steel offer an apprenticeship scheme?

British Steel offer exciting apprenticeship opportunities in both Electrical and Mechanical engineering, with applications now open for Sept 2019 start! By visiting our website (link below) you can discover further information and potential future prospects to kick start your career in engineering.

What do you look for in future applicants?

We definitely look for people who are keen and enthusiastic, have a passion for engineering and want to learn! We can teach the skills but they definitely need to have that initial drive and willingness to learn.

If you’re interested in working for an exciting company as a Electrical or Mechanical Engineer, follow the link below to find out more.

NAW 2019 – Airco 2> By | Latest news | No Comments

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry partner Airco has given their views on why apprenticeships are so important, not just for the individual but for the industry too.

Do you believe that apprenticeships are beneficial? 

Apprenticeships are certainly worthwhile for earning whilst learning! Many employers in this region prefer to have their younger workforce practising their ‘on the job’ skills at the same time as gaining a meaningful qualification. Or alternatively, providing their own graduation schemes. We feel that it is much more beneficial to gain an apprenticeship, as it is much more difficult to gain employment after university.

However, we do believe that learners should look for the New Apprenticeship Standard qualifications, Level 3 or a Higher Level/Degree apprenticeship, to gain more opportunities.

What apprenticeship scheme do you offer? 

We, as a training provider offer the new standard in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems Engineering Technician (RACHP). This is a three year, Level 3 qualification and it is essentially a multi-skilled course. This means it covers a number of skills required in engineering including Electrical. Some companies, such as Sewell Group send their FM apprentices to us, simply for that reason alone.

We also train apprentices from Airco and other companies.

It is academically rigorous and includes full time work and attending College in 1 or 2 week blocks. The course has both theoretical and practical Units. It is demanding and learners have to balance full time work (which can include ‘being on call’ and working away), time in College, revision, monthly assignments to be completed outside of College, online tests and so on.

What do you look for in applicants? 

The requirements for our apprenticeships are GCSE 4/5 and above in English and Maths and similar in Science (One employer asks for 6’s across all subjects!). The apprenticeship starts in September of each year and because of the nature of RAC the learners do not usually attend College during the summer months.

Therefore, candidates have to demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours. I have attached a very brief summary of the type of qualities they have to evidence.

To discover more about Airco Apprenticeships or for tips and advice on the knowledge, skills and behaviour covered within a professional interview, please follow the links below.