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Engineering UTC North Lincolnshire is pleased to welcome Wiktoria, through the government’s Kickstart scheme. The programme provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. Wiktoria jumped at a chance for the placement after being contacted by her Scunthorpe JobCentre work coach and with their support, she was able to apply for and secure the role.

Wiktoria’s work coach Gem said: “After having a meeting with the Engineering UTC about what they are looking for from Kickstart applications, I knew that Wiktoria would be a perfect match.

“I called Wiktoria immediately to discuss the role and the potential that Kickstart can bring in terms of future opportunities. I spent time with Wiktoria discussing the best way to apply with tailoring her CV and writing a cover letter.

“I also discussed with her about video interviews, and how these differ, always thinking about the surrounds and how everything sounds.

“We came up with a plan together for her to do a practice zoom call to ensure everything was working. Wiktoria took all my advice on board and did her research about Engineering UTC and was very confident at each stage of the process.”

Wiktoria was delighted when she was shortlisted and then successful at her interview, saying: “The Kickstart scheme at Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire has opened doors to a new opportunity for me.

“Having developed mild depression and anxiety, Kickstart has helped me get back on my feet and reassured me that I can further develop my skills within my career aspirations.

“I am grateful for the warm and welcoming approach of staff and I am looking forward to working these lovely and supportive people.”

Anesta McCullagh, Principal of ENL UTC, said: “Being part of the new Kickstart scheme couldn’t have run any smoother, the whole process has been flawless. Our Kickstart has joined ENL UTC with a confident start, the support we have received from our gateway has been second to none and we would highly recommend further businesses taking part!

“The opportunity to take part in the Kickstart scheme and help a young person gain the experience they need was something ENL UTC couldn’t pass up on, preparing young people for the world of work is at the heart of our provision and we are so proud to be part of this scheme.”

You can read the full story here.

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We are delighted to announce an exciting new addition to our KS3 and KS4 curriculum alongside the already popular Engineering specialism.  With the Coronavirus pandemic highlighting the importance of STEM-related skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in all their forms over the last year, we continue to play a vital role in building the local STEM skills capabilities that the country needs now and for our future workforce.  


Since opening our doors in September 2015, the ENL UTC has since received a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating, become one of the fastest growing small UTCs in the country and extended its provision to include a broader range of year groups. The new Health Sciences and Social Care specialism marks another exciting development for the ENL UTC, offering students aged 13-16 the chance to study a unique and high-quality education alongside a range of local industry experts who support the design of the curriculum.  


Principal, Anesta McCullagh said: “I am looking forward to expanding our unique STEM offer that will help our young people develop the sought-after skills, confidence and qualifications that will put them miles in front of others when it comes to applying for future apprenticeships, jobs and university places. We are a University Technical College which means our curriculum has at least a fifty percent technical aspect which is backed by some of the region’s best-known companies/employers including Phillips 66, Tronox, Orsted, University of Hull, ABP and ORE Catapult. We set up and train the next generation of young people in the skills that our regional economy needs. Over the last year, I think we’ve all been inspired by Scientists and the work done by the medical profession in saving lives in the global fight against this awful coronavirus pandemic. There is still a national and regional shortage in these types of health care professions, expanding our employer led technical curriculum to include Heath Science and Social Care we will be preparing young students of North Lincolnshire for careers such as midwifery, nursing, pharmacists, doctors, paramedics, health carers working with disabled people, physiotherapy to just name a few”.   


University of Hull Life Sciences have teamed up with ENL UTC to be able to inspire and support the next generation of health professionals entering these careers.


Director of Business Engagement and Careers Leader, Jennifer Vincent said: “We are super excited to launch this new specialism in partnership with Health Sciences and Social Care employers from across the Humber. We have consulted every step of the way to ensure that our students learn the core values, skills and qualifications needed in this important sector, tailoring it what our providers are looking for. It is more important now than ever before that we grow the pipeline of local talent heading into these extensive specialisms and are here to support our young people in securing their future pathway.”  

Jane Miller, Chief Executive of Care Plus Group said; Health and social care organisations face specific workforce challenges due to the changing health & social care needs of the population and in addition the impact of Covid-19. Care Plus Group are delighted to be working alongside the Engineering UTC to support the development of their new health and social care curriculum. This new specialism will offer opportunities for local young people to start a career within health and social care, addressing the skills gap while also supporting a pipeline of local young people into local jobs. 


Furthermore, Care Plus Group are absolutely thrilled to become the sixth prestige Core Industry Partner and sharing our expertise with the UTC will be an integral part of the students learning. 


If you are in Year 8 and would like to apply for a place from September 2021 please complete an application, we have limited places available. Free registration is now open and can be found by visiting  

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Safer Internet Day 2021: Fact or Fiction?

Safer Internet Day is here once again and this year, the theme is ‘An Internet We Trust: Exploring Reliability in the Online World’.

Every year, Safer Internet Day provides the perfect opportunity to reflect and assess our online habits, both during personal use and for school or work and it’s more important now than ever, to be able to separate fact from fiction whilst building knowledge and confidence in the online world.

We have put together some top tips as a reminder of how you can make sure you are remaining safe online and how to separate real news and fake news.

What is fake news?

Fake news can be false information, photos or videos purposefully created to confuse or misinform. It can also be genuine information that has been manipulated to deceive. It’s important to learn how we can identify something we see online that may not be true.

Question the source

The best way to check if what you are reading is reliable, is to try and confirm the online information using other websites, this may help you make a judgement on whether the information they are sharing is trustworthy. The more sources that say the same thing, the more likely it is that the information can be trusted.

Read further than the headline

Most fake news articles, blog posts and social posts tend to always feature something called ‘click-bait’. This is when the headline (mainly what you see on Facebook before clicking into the link) and can be used to twist the truth, knowing most readers do not read further to find more information. Try and understand if what you are reading sounds too good to be true, or if it sounds more like an opinion than a fact.

Is it genuine?

Take time to think about the things you see online and how they are presented to you, is this a celebrity promoting a product? Is it an outstanding review on a product? Chances are that this celebrity may have been paid to promote this brand and the reviews you are reading may not be genuine, but in fact a paid collaboration.

Talk it through

It can be hard to know what to do about false or misleading content online, but if you do see something that is concerning, this needs to be reported in the appropriate way, if you are unsure what this looks like then speak to a trusted adult. Talking it through with someone who supports you can help you feel less alone and could lead to small steps towards the information being removed.

UK Safer Internet Centre have a wide range of great tips for different age ranges available here.

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Welcome to our first Half Term Roundup of the 2020/2021 academic year. 

We may have entered our third (and hopefully last) lockdown but it has not stopped our incredible school community from continuing to build strong, positive relationships through a safe learning environment.

Read our interactive Half Term Roundup below to discover more about life at the ENL UTC. 

10 Things You Need to Know

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Offering a unique STEM curriculum, The Engineering UTC (University Technical College) Northern Lincolnshire equips learners aged 13-19 with the skills they need to take their future workplace with the confidence, industry knowledge and experience required. Government funded, the ENL UTC offers a genuine alternative to the traditional education system that already exists by allowing students to have an active role in choosing their future. Below are ten things you need to know about the ENL UTC.

1- Specialist STEM Education

The ENL UTC is a specialist STEM school and college, providing a university and industry-led curriculum designed specifically to educate students who have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or Health and Social Care. The curriculum combines academic, technical and practical elements and will involve many aspects delivered by local industry partners alongside expert staff.

2- Academic Qualifications

ENL UTC students need to enjoy Maths, English and Sciences because they form such a large and important part of our curriculum and industry-based projects.

Students who study their GCSEs at the ENL UTC take all the Sciences, Maths, English Language, English Literature, Design and Technology and the choice of an Engineering or Health and Social Care Sciences route. There will also be the option to choose an additional subject alongside the core subjects.

Students who study their A Levels at the ENL UTC can choose between two STEM pathways. The one-year Apprenticeship Progression Pathway, in association with HETA, is ideal for individuals looking for a clear progression route to an apprenticeship, entry level employment or a Level 3 qualification. The two-year Level 3 Pathway, is designed for individuals looking for a broader understanding of engineering to help lead into employment, either directly or through an apprenticeship, or to form the basis of an application to a higher education course.

3- Industry-led Curriculum

The ENL UTC is proud to work alongside a wide variety of industry partners and universities who not only support and inspire our students to achieve their goals but also the UTCs unique STEM curriculum.

Throughout their time at the UTC, students have a multitude of opportunities to work on industry-led projects and challenges. By doing this, students will gain an understanding of the key employability skills, academic qualifications and technical knowledge their future employers are looking for.

4- Filling the STEM Skills Gap

The ENL UTC, has been established within the North Lincolnshire area to bridge the STEM skills gap. There is currently a lack of suitably qualified and skilled young individuals going into STEM careers, whether through apprenticeships or university degree courses.

We are proud to work closely with our colleagues at North Lincolnshire Council and the Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure we are meeting the needs of businesses whilst preparing our young people for successful and sustainable destinations.

5- A Five-year Education

The ENL UTC offers a five-year education to urge students to be successful in their sixth form studies. Our sixth form works alongside many employers and universities to ensure successful and sustainable destinations.

A sixth form centre has been developed within the UTC building to offer students dedicated study and social spaces for their use, alongside of a careers and progression room. The sixth form curriculum offers distinct pathways: A Levels, Engineering diplomas or a combined route.

6- Extensive Learning Facilities

Based on Carlton Street, in the centre of Scunthorpe and close to both bus and train stations, the ENL UTCs £12m facility is a learning environment like no other in our region. Allowing students to experience the world of work first hand. With a range of workshop spaces, classrooms and labs, the UTC has been purpose built to help students maximise their potential through a range of resources found in industry.

7- The ENL UTC Day

The ENL UTC operates a longer school day which reflects the business approach at the heart of our ethos and supporting them in their next steps after education.

  • Year 9 students start lessons at 8.40am Monday to Friday and finish at 2.40pm at the earliest</li
  • Year 10 and 11 students start lessons at 8.40am Monday to Friday and finish at 3.40pm at the earliest
  • Our exciting enrichment opportunities run until 3.40pm (year 9 students) and 4.30pm (year 10 and 11 students)
  • All KS3 and KS4 students finish at 1.10pm on a Friday
  • Sixth form students will have personal timetables that work across four days of studies. Helping to support alongside part time work.

8- Building Independence and Confidence

Students have dedicated ‘independent study’ time throughout the week instead of homework. This allows them to focus on additional studies, revision, research and/or projects within their timetabled lessons with a teacher always on hand, should they need it. With the ENL UTCs extensive workshops, labs and equipment’s it enables students to progress their studies and technical knowledge further.

There are no bells and all students are responsible for getting themselves to where they need to be throughout the day.

9- Enrichment Opportunities

All students will experience a multitude of enrichment and industry opportunities throughout the academic year. This will allow students to gain additional skills, awards, experiences and qualifications. Enrichment activities, which are timetabled as weekly lessons, can include: employer-led projects, Formula 24, Young Enterprise, robotics, sports club, woodwork and much more. Sixth form students also have access to a wide range of training, mentoring and enrichment activities.

10- Our Way

The ENL UTC offers a professional and mature learning environment that reflects the working world. Whilst we have clear boundaries and routine, students are treated like young adults, call teachers by their first name and wear a business dress code as opposed to a school uniform. All students demonstrate positive behaviours, values and principles that show they are going above and beyond to support our school, their futures and each other. Students are expected to have excellent attendance and punctuality in order to be involved in, and to complete, a large number of industry-based projects.

If you wish to find out more or have any further questions not answered in the above, please call us on 01724 878100 or email us on to arrange an appointment with our friendly staff.

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In recent months the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of STEM-related skills in all their forms (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) whilst propelling experts and the wide variety of careers available into the spotlight.

As the ENL UTC continues to play a vital role in building the STEM skills capabilities that the country needs now, and following COVID-19, we are pleased to announce that we will be working in association with HETA (Humber Engineering Training Association) across our post-16, Apprenticeship Progression Pathway.

The ENL UTC delivers a specialist STEM curriculum designed by our expert staff and local industry partners, to help immerse and engage students aged 13-19 through academic, practical and technical learning. Preparing them for the world of work and chosen career pathway. Valuing the importance of apprenticeships in addressing the STEM skills gap, our students are regularly introduced to the opportunities available; which in the last year alone has resulted in 37% of students heading into intermediate, advanced, higher or degree apprenticeships.

The Apprenticeship Progression Pathway is a one-year course designed for individuals who are looking for a clear progression route to an apprenticeship or entry level employment, or who is not quite ready to study a Level 3 qualification at this stage. The qualification will provide our students with the specific skills, knowledge and understanding, and range of transferable skills that are required in STEM roles.

Iain Elliot, CEO at HETA has said, “We are excited to work alongside the ENL UTC in supporting their apprenticeship progression pathway. Applicants that aren’t ready for an apprenticeship first time round when they apply to HETA, the UTC’s Level 2, 1 year pathway option will get them ready for an apprenticeship/traineeship as it will allow them to re-sit any grades that they don’t achieve and help them with focusing on aspects of employability skills. We are looking forward to working with the UTC learners on the progression pathways by supporting them with mock interviews, CV workshops and other necessary employability skills to get them ready for the world of work.”

This new partnership is an exciting prosect and will help to further enhance the excellent work both the ENL UTC and HETA do in developing opportunities through meaningful and relevant industry activities throughout the academic year. We look forward to working alongside HETA in building these vital skills and helping our students become the engineers, technicians and scientists of the future. Alex Billingham, Scunthorpe Centre Manager at HETA said, “The HETA Scunthorpe Training Centre are looking forward to working more closely. Learners who strive for a career in Engineering, will now receive more support than ever before, which will benefit the whole region”.

To find out further information regarding our Level 2 Apprenticeship Progression Pathway, please follow the links below.

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Welcome to our final Half Term Roundup of the 2019/2020 academic year. 

Despite the last few months being a new and unusual time for us all, it has not stopped our amazing team from continuing to build strong, positive relationships through a virtual world of online learning. Alongside of this we also started to welcome students back into our classrooms whilst embracing vital employer engagement.

Read our interactive Half Term Roundup below to find out more about what we have been up to during our summer term. 

Chemical Engineering Careers Talk

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Are you interested in a career in Chemical Engineering or would like to find out more? At the start of July the ENL UTC and IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers), teamed up for a virtual careers talk to discuss more about the opportunities available in Chemical Engineering.

Daniela, Sajalu and Thomas, engineering experts from across industry, spoke with our students to discuss:

  • Why Chemical Engineering?
  • What do Chemical Engineers do?
  • Routes into this career
  • Benefits of Chemical Engineering
  • Mentoring opportunities and help with stepping into a new role

IChemE is a global professional membership organisation that provide connections to a network community of Chemical, Biochemical and Process Engineers who exchange knowledge, practical experiences, promote competence and commitment and support CPD.

Discovering more about how to keep ourselves safe online was incredibly useful, not just for our students but for our parents and staff too. To find out more, please follow the link below.

Staying Safe Online Cyber Crime

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On Wednesday 17th June a number of our new year 9 students had a Zoom call with Alistair Kennedy from Humberside Police and Emma Davies from The Armour Group, to discuss cyber security and how to keep safe online.

Alistair who works within the Cyber Crime Investigation Team, and Emma who works as an Ethical Hacker, discussed a variety of topics surrounding cyber security including:

  • How to keep yourself safe online
  • What to look out for
  • How hackers work
  • The dark web
  • Career opportunities available within cyber security
  • Websites for further advice and help

Discovering more about how to keep ourselves safe online was incredibly useful, not just for our students but for our parents and staff too. To find out more, please follow the link below.

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During the period of school closure, the ENL UTC are running a number of challenges for our students to get involved in. These STEM-based challenges, sponsored by our wonderful industry partner Phillips 66, allow our students to be creative whilst keeping them inspired and motivated.

Our first challenge asked our students to construct/make something during this time to showcase their skillset and engineering knowledge. Whether it be fixing something around the house for the family, constructing something they had always wanted to build or experimenting with a new idea: there is no better time to put our STEM skills to the test!

To take part, students were asked to send in a photo of their creation along with a brief description. We received some incredible entries and are so proud of what our students have achieved whilst at home.

Well done to everybody who took part! Prizes will be announced shortly.

Ryan E - STEM Lockdown Entry

1st Place = Ryan E

Year 9 student Ryan, sent in a fantastic entry showcasing the work he identified and completed on his race kart.

Replacing the broken rear bumper, removing old tyres and cleaning the carburettor whilst using a variety of engineering techniques and tools means his kart is now ready for the next practise season.

Aiden H STEM Lockdown Entry

2nd Place = Aiden H

Year 11 student Aiden, has been using in time in lockdown to help build and construct garden furniture.

Building both a custom garden corner sofa along with a door canopy, Aiden used a variety of techniques and really put his STEM skills to the test.

Sonny M STEM Lockdown Entry

3rd Place = Sonny M

One of our new year 9 students Sonny, even got involved in the challenge by sending in a fantastic video of a coil unwinding machine.

Along with other projects Sonny has worked on at home, his coil unwinding machine was made from repurposed materials. Using an old cordless drill and a 9-volt battery, Sonny was able to unwind the coil ready for a future project. You can see more of his brilliant creations on his YouTube channel!

Runners Up = Nathan G, Thomas C and Isabella M

As we received so many fantastic entries, it was hard to whittle it down to just three!

    • Nathan G- One of our year 10 students spent his Easter break making bird boxes for his family. Using a hand saw, circular saw, hand drill and drill piece to create the wooden boxes, it is great to see Nathan taking his engineering skills and knowledge outside of our workshops.
    • Thomas C- One of our year 9 students has been very busy during lockdown, making wooden decorative pieces and a 6ft fence for his home! A great way to put his design skills to the test.
    • Isabella M- One of our current year 11 students has created her very own gameboy at home! Having researched into how to make her own handheld games console, Isabella was able to order components online before soldering them onto a circuit.