KS3 and KS4 curriculum.

Joining the ENL UTC in year 9.

Making the decision to move school at 13 is significant but so are the decisions you are making right now about your GCSE’s. The subjects you are choosing to study will impact on the decisions you are able to make when it comes to A-Level options, university courses and apprenticeships. Ultimately, your future career.

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Our curriculum.

At the ENL UTC, alongside your core GCSE’s, you will study a curriculum enriched with practical, technical and academic studies. Designed specifically to build the skills and qualifications employers need, and are looking for in their future workforce.

Working alongside industry experts throughout the academic year, you will develop the core knowledge, skills and understanding needed by all within STEM industries.

Skills building.

Every term you will be build key skills through a range of activities and opportunities, which are scheduled on a regular basis. These include the following:

Skills Building

Why a STEM education?

The word STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM subjects are important as not only do they pervade every part of our lives but is also a hugely exciting area, offering the chance for individuals to continue changing and developing the world we live in. At it’s very core, a STEM education is about a young individuals ability to make a meaningful connection between school, community and global issues.

  • Science is everywhere. Studying science provides a better understanding of the world around us and continues to help shape the modern world we live in
  • Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. It makes the world run efficiently and serves a variety of purposes to different people
  • Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines and helps to find solutions for everyday problems. As the world continues to change, engineers are usually found at the forefront of much of these developments
  • Mathematics is used on a daily basis, far more often then you may realise! Maths helps us to think analytically and have better reasoning abilities

Careers guidance.

You’re never too young to start thinking about your future career opportunities. At the ENL UTC, our extensive careers programme underpins everything we do to ensure our students get the best opportunities, build vital skills and learn alongside some of the region’s largest employers. Designed to put you ahead of the competition and fast-tracked into your dream career.

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