Remote Learning

Guidance for students, parents and carers.

During this period of school closure our aim is to ensure that students are able to safely continue their learning with as little disruption as possible. Our dedicated team are pleased to offer students and their families a range of support that ensures the safety and wellbeing of all within our school community.

Following the recent government announcement on Monday 4th January, the ENL UTC has moved to remote, online learning inline with the national guidance. A combination of live lessons and remote learning will be planned and delivered by teachers and students will be set activities accordingly.

We have well-established routines and systems in place to deliver, support and monitor remote learning. Detailed guidance can be found below.

Weekly challenges and projects.

Throughout each week of lockdown the ENL UTC will be setting a series of fun challenges and projects to keep our students happy and healthy. Please follow the links below to view.

Remote learning timetables.

Student Timetables

Follow the links below for all student timetables. If you have any questions please contact our team here.

Managing remote learning.

Student portal.

Each student will have access to their own online portal that will act as a central system for communications. Through the portal students can access their assignments, school resources, revision guides, Microsoft Teams account, live lessons and learning activities.

Student Portal can be accessed here or by following the link on the ENL UTC homepage. Students need to use their school username number followed by and password to login, the same log-in details used at school. All guides on how to access and use the portal can be found below.

Accessing Student Portal and Online Learning

Students are expected to attend online sessions as directed by tutors and teaching staff. If you have any questions or need further support and advice please contact our team.

To access your personal OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, please use the links below.

Student guides.

Our students have created handy video guides on how to:

  1. Access Microsoft Teams through Student Portal
  2. Join a live meeting in Microsoft Teams
  3. Accessing your year groups timetable

Remote learning.

All remote learning lessons are available through Microsoft Teams and are accessible on any device including both Xbox and Playstation. Remote lessons are scheduled throughout the school week and any assignments, lesson resources and revision guides will be shared by teachers at the time of the lesson given. This is to ensure students are completing work within the time given with clear instructions, explanations, demonstrations and examples to hand. While these videos do not provide ‘live’ interaction with teachers, students are still able to seek help by contacting their teachers via. the chat function on Microsoft Teams.

Live lessons.

Live lessons are scheduled throughout the school week, with invite links being sent out the day before the lesson is due. These will appear in students calendars and can be accessed by double clicking the calendar link. Student videos will be turned off and a chat function will only be accessible when necessary for the teacher. Live lesson guides can be found below.

Live lessons will be around 50 minutes long and students are expected to attend whilst conducting themselves in a professional and responsible manner throughout, as expected in a normal school day. Registers will be taken for each lesson and calls will be made home for any live lessons not attended.

Live Lesson Guides

Guides on how to access live lessons and year group assemblies, please use the links below.

Students without ICT or internet access.

It is vital that all students have access to suitable devices for remote learning but we fully appreciate the constraints many families may face during this period of school closure. If ICT, internet access or additional data presents any difficulties please contact the ENL UTCs Business Manager at

Other useful websites and resources.

There are a number of useful learning resources that are used both in school and at home, providing free, interactive curriculum-linked lessons for all year groups.

Hegarty Maths
Oak National Academy
Achieve 3000
BBC Bitesize