Alumni – Matthew Boden

By 15th September 2020Students Say

Meet Matthew, who after leaving the ENL UTC sixth form in summer 2018 has gone on to secure a Mechanical Technician apprenticeship with industry partner Tronox;

“I started at the ENL UTC in September 2016 and left in summer 2018 after completing my post-16 studies with a D, D* in Engineering and an A in Quantitative Reasoning. I chose the ENL UTC as I wanted to gain as much experience in industry as I could and I knew the college had lots of local links.”

How did the ENL UTC help to prepare you for your current job role?

“As the ENL UTC held so many events it gave me the opportunity to speak with potential employers on a regular basis whilst taking part in many realistic industry projects that allowed me to visit different manufacturing sites. This introduced me to my future employer Tronox, as I worked with them on projects throughout my time at the ENL UTC and was able to show them my passion and drive even before leaving education.”

What were your favourite subjects?

“Another reason I chose the ENL UTC was because of the wide variety of topics the college covers. I really enjoyed the practical side to everything as it helped me to get a feel for the branch of engineering I wanted to be apart of. I enjoyed the Quantitative Reasoning lessons too, as it let me expand further on mathematical problems.”

How would you explain your current job role?

“As an apprentice, I mostly work in the maintenance workshop understanding the day-to-day running of the company and how the plant is maintained. The variety of my job role is huge and I love it because I’m never stuck on the same task! One week I could be part of a team taking out a vessel and the next doing pump and valve changes.”

What are your future career plans?

“I hope to continue gaining lots of experience in industry, taking on as many new opportunities as I can.”

“At the ENL UTC, you’ll get as much out as you put in. Give it all you’ve got from the start and take every chance you can as you won’t stop learning. Never be afraid to as as the team will always be willing to help.”

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