Alumni – Oliver Beck

By 9th June 2020Students Say
Meet our Alumni - Oliver

Meet Oliver, who after leaving the ENL UTC sixth form in summer 2019 has gone on to secure a Trainee Designer Engineer role with Trepko, whilst studying towards a level 4 degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam;

“I started at the ENL UTC in September 2017 and left in Summer 2019 after completing my post-16 studies. I originally joined the ENL UTC because I knew I wanted a career in engineering but had no idea of what area and pathway to pursue. For me, coming to the UTC’s sixth form helped to broaden my knowledge about different aspects of engineering whilst figuring out the kind of engineer I wanted to be.”

How did the ENL UTC help to prepare you for your current job role?

“My knowledge of CAD and design leaving the ENL UTC, really helped to give me a head start when I first joined Trepko, as I was one of the only applicants who had this level of experience. I think the sixth form studies and teachers really taught me a lot and helped me to move forward in a career I wanted, as I had the confidence that no one else wanted it more than me.”

What are you favourite memories of the ENL UTC?

“Two of my engineering teachers Ian and Rob, ultimately inspired me to want to become a design engineer. Those two were fantastic combination for me. I remember my first lesson with Ian, I was immediately captivated with everything design and knew I was going to be great at it!”

What is your full job title?

“My full job title is Trainee Design Engineer with Trepko. I am based in the design office where I work on numerous projects for large food companies that require packaging. My Level 4 degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam, allows me to have a hands-on way of gaining a university qualification whilst further developing my skills.”

“My advice would be that if you’re wanting a career in engineering, you’re willing to work for it and have both the people and academic skills, then there is literally no other choice but to study at the ENL UTC!”

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