Meet the Students – Eleanor, Year 10

By 11th December 2018Students Say

Meet Eleanor, aged 14, one of our current year 10 students who talks about her experience studying at the Engineering UTC;

What are your hobbies and interests outside of school?

“I am currently part of the sea cadets, where I take part in range of different activities from sailing, windsurfing and powerboating – to rock climbing, camping, music and much more!”

What made you want to study at the UTC?

“Because I’ve known for a while that I would like to be a Mechanical Engineer in the Royal Navy when I am older, and knew the UTC could offer me that head start.”

What are your future plans and career goals?

“I plan to go into the Royal Navy as my uncle is actually currently in it. I’ve always wanted to work with him in engineering and that inspires me.”

Is the UTC helping to prepare you for future employment?

“The UTCs focus on engineering will definitely help me gain the industry knowledge and skills for my future job role, but as the Royal Navy requires a high level of fitness, this is additional training that the school does not provide.”

What inspires you?

“People in my family motivate and inspire me the most because they always help me with what I need and support me throughout my training.”

What is different at the UTC compared to other schools around the area?

“My previous school was unable to provide the high level of engineering¬† and technology knowledge that I need to get into the Royal Navy, I knew the UTC could help me to reach my career goal.”

What is your favourite thing about the UTC?

“My favourite thing about the UTC is definitely the engineering lessons where we are able to work on machinery and projects that teach us new things.

I also love that the staff members take the time to help you fit into the school which makes it more enjoyable.”

What do you think about the staff, facilities and connections with industry partners?

“I think that the staff members are really nice and good because they will help you with anything that you need and will always listen.”

And finally, what advice would you give to potential students?

“Come to the UTC and get a whole new experience! If you like engineering as a subject then the UTC can provide you with really fun classes, with new machinery, tools and materials to use.

Also the teachers will welcome you and help with anything you need.”

To find out more about the opportunities available at the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire, you can download our 2018/19 prospectus here. Or if you would like to fill out an application form for Year 9, 10 or 11 then please click here.

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