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By 8th March 2019Latest news

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, our industry partner Cristal, discuss their long standing apprenticeship programme and how they inspire young individuals to have a successful start in engineering.

Do you believe that apprenticeships are beneficial for young individuals?

Apprenticeships are an amazing way for young people to learn the theory side of the trade whilst also receiving valuable hands on experience. Development of the hands on skills is crucial and can’t be underestimated. Skilled tradesmen have the knowledge and ability to adapt and overcome any scenario and completing an apprenticeship provides those experiences and a solid starting base for a successful career in engineering!

What apprenticeship scheme do you offer?

At Cristal we are immensely proud of the legacy of our long standing apprenticeship programme, which we can trace back over 60 years. We have some senior leaders who started their careers as an apprentice with the company and with training and development have successfully progressed through the business into a senior position. None more notably than the current Stallingborough Site General Manager Gavin Jones who started his journey as a mechanical apprentice 25 years ago.

Cristal currently offer apprenticeships in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Process Operations, Laboratory Technician and we currently have our first IT apprentice. Each year we take on 2 apprentices per discipline with applications now open through HETA for our Sept 19 program.

What skills do you look for when recruiting?

We look for focused and driven individuals who are passionate about the trade they have chosen. In reality they don’t have to be the most academically gifted person, the key element is what they are like as a person. Working at Cristal is like an extended family so we are looking for people who match our values and beliefs and can enhance the team. As long as they show a great attitude for learning we can teach them everything else during their apprenticeship.

The ENL UTC and Cristal have a strong partnership in helping to create the next generation of engineers. How would you describe the work that we do together?

Cristal has been linked with ENL UTC form the start. Since then the working relationship has grown from strength to strength with the highlight so far seeing Matthew Boden who is the first UTC student to be awarded an apprenticeship with us. At Cristal we are passionate about our partnership with the UTC and the invaluable opportunities we can provide to the students and staff to industry. Also as part of the UTC Scholarship Program we have committed to providing 6 guaranteed apprenticeship interviews exclusively to UTC students, a great opportunity which is only possible through our partnership with the UTC.

To find out more about the opportunities available at Cristal, please follow the link below.

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