Our Curriculum

Not just a curriculum. A career.

The aims of the ENL UTC curriculum, are to help our students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed by individuals within STEM industries both locally, regionally and nationally. Tapping into every students potential and igniting ideas around future career pathways, provides challenges to solve the kind of problems faced by engineering and health industries every single day.

The intention is that a significant element of our curriculum, which sets us apart from traditional education, focuses on providing a technical, practical and hands-on experience alongside the core academic subjects. Providing high-quality opportunities and helping to narrow the skills gap in STEM industries.

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Curriculum Overview

The decision to move school at 13 is significant but so are the decisions you’re making about your GCSE options. You’re never too young to kickstart your future.

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Year 10 and 11 students have the unique opportunity to experience industry-specific projects alongside of developing core academic and technical knowledge, and sought after employability skills.

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Our sixth form curriculum is designed to put our students ahead of the competition, through a rich, industry-focused, STEM curriculum.

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Skills building.

Every term you will be build key skills through a range of activities and opportunities, which are scheduled on a regular basis. These include the following:

Skills Building