Pre-apprenticeship Programme

Pre-apprenticeship Programme

Putting you at the front of the queue for Apprenticeships and University
The UTC, in partnership with its Industry Partners and the University of Hull, is proud to launch a four-year Engineering Scholarship Programme starting in September 2018. Students who apply for a place at the UTC before September will be automatically enrolled into the Engineering Scholarship Programme in Year 10 and the Higher Engineering Scholarship Programme in Year 12. The structured programme will sit alongside the student’s Year 10 to 13 Programme of Study and will consist of masterclasses ranging from social media and personal branding, CVs and application writing to engineering career paths, to essential work ready skills and industry knowledge. The programme, developed and supported by Industry partners will include site visits, real project opportunities and industry mentors.
The programme is designed to deliver well-rounded students with increased industry awareness, work ready skills, self-confidence and self-esteem, a step ahead of other schools and colleges, who are ready to join the world of work or University. On successful completion, each student will graduate from the UTC at our graduation ceremony, with a strong portfolio. The partners involved have some guaranteed interviews places for apprenticeship roles set aside for students at the UTC. Given that there are over 1000 applications for every apprenticeship post, this leaves students at the UTC with an extremely high chance of gaining the job they have worked hard for. All students will receive a personalised portfolio to gather evidence and the programme will be accredited with an A-Level qualification.


Year 10 – Introduction to Industry

Term 1

All students welcomed to the programme and issues with their scholarship portfolio
Mentoring At the start of year 10 – all year 10 students to be assigned with a mentor from business who will support them throughout their UTC journey. Initial mentoring meeting to be held in the first term and then 2 further times for the rest of the year. Mentoring will be first week of every new term, start with year 10s and as they progress each year, where possible they keep the same mentor throughout each year at the UTC.

Term 2

Industry Awareness – specific industry talks about the opportunities that exist within engineering and an overview of the types of engineering and routes available (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, apprenticeship, university ) tied in with curriculum. Three workshops within term two on a carousel basis for students. At least one workshop to be held offsite and at least one at the University of Hull.

Term 3

Work experience to support with developing understanding of roles available and industry knowledge.


Year 11 – Passport to Apprenticeships

Term 1

Employability skills awareness Three sessions in the first half term around the skills that employers are looking for to be delivered by external supporters. Workshops to be delivered around leadership, communication/presentation skills and team work. At least one to be held at the partner company site.

Term 2

CV workshops & application support Assistance with where to find advertised job roles, support with content for applications – what are employers looking for in job applications and CV. One to be delivered at external University and include tour.

Term 3

Mock interviews All year 11 students to have a face to face mock interview, achieved through a mock job application process


Year 12 – Key Skills Development

Term 1

Enterprise Project/Competition to be set up by partner companies, gaining an insight into the work that they do

Term 2

Assessment day experience to be held in industry – development of mock interview skills with an interview, goldfish bowl exercise, written task and psychometric tests

Term 3

Work Experience Work placement for year 12 students with a different employer to the year 10 experience.


Year 13 – Focussed Training

Term 1

H&S passport Delivered by a partner company, students will be given an opportunity to gain their industry Health and Safety passport.
Support for University applications provided by the University of Hull.

Term 2

Specific short work placements or industry lead work experience Work placements will be anything from a day to a week.
Support for Apprenticeship applications provided by partner companies, with a chance to develop the portfolio before interview.

Term 3

Destinations All student’s destinations to be confirmed by the summer term, with mentoring support from industry partners. Any support required will be given to maximise opportunities.
Graduation Ceremony Students who have completed the course will be invited to a celebration event, hosted by a partner company, to celebrate the success of their programme completion

At the end of the programme, all students will receive:
• A strong portfolio of evidence
• A graduation certificate to take into the world of work or university
• An A-Level in Extended Project Qualification
Partner Commitment
As part of the programme, partners have committed the following:

Phillips 66

Six fast track guaranteed apprenticeship interviews, work experience placements, apprentice and engineer mentors, 1 ‘real project per year’, site visit


Six fast track guaranteed apprenticeship interviews, scheduled plant tours, engineering ‘taster days’ working in the Repairable Equipment Workshop, 1 ‘plant specific’ project per year, apprentice and engineering mentors

British Steel

Fast track interviews for the apprenticeship scheme

Royal Air Force

Support for student mentoring, site visits and opportunities for workshops


Three fast track interviews for the apprenticeship scheme


Access to specialist support for CV writing and interview technique

University of Hull

Guaranteed conditional offers for EUTCNL student applicants for undergraduate courses and automatic consideration for a scholarship or studentship.

To join the Scholarship Programme, students have to apply for a place at the UTC by July 18th, 2018.
Launch and registration evening on May 23rd from 6-9pm