Teacher Profile: Marc Doyle

By 29th September 2017Teacher Profiles

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I come from a family of teachers and am now the fourth generation of my family to join the profession. I saw how much satisfaction my dad got from work and wanted to do the same job as him.

What did your degree specialise in, and why did you choose that subject?

I got a degree in maths and secondary education from Leeds University. Maths was always my favourite subject at school because I was good at it

What is the most exciting STEM project you’ve worked on?

When I was Head of Maths in Dewsbury, I led a ‘Bridge Project’ with Sheffield University. Students were given the opportunity to become a business who were building a new bridge over the Suez Canal and the project involved planning, paying for and constricting the bridge.

Do you do anything interesting or exciting outside of work hours?

I have a Playstation, do a lot of walking and cycling in the countryside around my home and pretend I am good at DIY.

Why did you choose to join the UTC? 

I was blown away by the possibilities. The business links and the quality of the facilities made me really excited about the success we could make of the school.

What are you most looking forward to at the UTC?

When we are full of students and outstanding in all areas, I will be happy

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