The ENL UTC Day and Attendance

Skilled for life.

How it works.

Why a longer school day? Whilst other students typically complete homework in their spare time, our students are able to focus on any additional studies, research and/or projects within their timetabled lessons alleviating the pressure of homework. Having time to delve more deeply into academic, technical and practical studies provides the ENL UTC with our unique business-led environment that supports not only our students studies but also their confidence and attitude when taking the next steps towards their future career.

The school day.

The average school day for KS3 and KS4 follows the below format. Please note that students finish at 12.45pm on Fridays.

We expect students to arrive five minutes before the start of the school day to ensure they are at their first lesson in plenty of time. If you are late into school, we ask that Main Reception is informed immediately. Please note that if a student is due to arrive before their start time, we have designated areas available within the school for them to wait.


The college week.

The ENL UTC sixth form operates a longer working day which reflects the business approach at the heart of our ethos. Having the time to delve more deeply into academic, technical and practical studies alongside industry-based projects ultimately provides you with the support, confidence and the attitude when taking the next steps towards your future career. No matter the pathway you choose to take beyond sixth form, our pathways have been designed to help get you there.

  • Your college week is designed to support part time work alongside studies and works across four days of studies
  • During the college week students adhere to ‘business hours’ with allocated office time to concentrate on industry-based projects, coursework and revision
  • Every week, two hours will be dedicated to employability skills lessons with the priority being to gain a good CV, covering letter and interview techniques

Attendance and holidays.

You should always aim to achieve 100% attendance every year, the same as in industry. If you are absent from school, the ENL UTC main reception must be contacted before 8.30am on the day of absence, so the register can be marked accordingly. If the absence is longer than three days or no contact has been made, a home visit may be undertaken.

For any medical appointments, you will need to bring appointment cards and/or letters to your Head of Year prior to the appointment date, whilst remembering to sign in and out at Main Reception when leaving or returning from an appointment. It is advised that, where possible, any appointments are made out of school hours.

Holidays in term time.

Any request should be made in advance by completing a holiday request form. These are available from Main Reception or to download. Any requests for sporting or musical competitions, Military Cadet events or compassionate leave should be made the same way. All requests will be considered individually by the Principal and permission may only be granted if there are any exceptional circumstances. Any supporting evidence with regards to the request should be attached. Parents/Carers will be notified by the decision in writing.

Any absences taken without permission will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in a penalty notice issued from the Education Inclusion Service.