Use the form below to apply for a place in Year 9 starting in September 2020. To be completed by both Parent/Carer and Student.

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Particular Circumstances of Your Child.

Please tick this box only if your child has a statement of special educational needs (this refers only to children who have been issued with a statement by the Local Authority)

Please tick this box only if your child is in the care of the Local Authority

Please tick this box only if your child was previously looked after but ceased to be looked after because they became subject to an adoption, residence, or guardianship order

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Open Evening and Tour Attendance.

Attending an open evening or tour of our facilities, is essential for all new applicants to ensure they have all of the relevant information regarding life at the ENL UTC. If you have not yet attended either one our team will be in contact to arrange this with you.

I have attended a tour/open event.I have not attended a tour/open event.