This year, we achieved our best GCSE results yet, so we caught up with some of our Year 11’s to find out how they did, and how they’ve found studying at a UTC. Here, Kyle tells us how ENL has helped him prepare for the apprenticeship he’ll be starting later this month. 

All of my results were 5’s and 6’s, which are all passes, and I’m pretty pleased with that. It means I can do what I want to do now I’m leaving school. For the apprenticeship I want to do, you need to pass English Maths and Science, and I’m happy because I’ve done that.

I’ve enjoyed my time at ENL because it was different to other schools. It was much more practical.

What’s the apprenticeship you’ll be going into?

I’m going to be an electrician with a local business. I’ll be working during the week and then doing a day at college once a week, on a Friday. Now I’ve got my results, I feel ready to go into it.

What’s been your favourite part of studying at the UTC?

Definitely the practical side to it. It’s something new, and I think it’s much better than just sitting in a classroom 24/7. It’s a different way to learn.

What would be your advice to students joining ENL in September?

Try your hardest and stick at it. There are lots of cool trips to go on and stuff like that. It’s a bit different, you learn life skills and become much more mature.

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